Your teacher’s video edit history!

I have 30 years of television production and news experience and I’ve watched a dozen recording formats come and go. Producing video presentations for nonprofit organizations over these last 3 years has drug me kicking and screaming into this new age of digital vinyl. What it’s shown me more than anything is that I want to offer up all that I’ve learned over the years to help others use the power of video for promotion and satisfaction.

We are all moved by movies, television shows that educate and entertain so why not use that magic to help nonprofits, churches and organizations get their message out? In every group there is always at least one dedicated photographer or videographer interested in learning about editing. But only now has it been affordable and possible to edit that vacation bible school video or the nonprofit annual banquet on a member’s home computer. Not only edit the show but burn it to DVD and give everyone a copy!

DVDs and CDs

Now alittle about me. I’ve worked in television markets all over the country, with the longest run in Los Angeles. I had the priviledge of editing the very first documentary about gang culture in LA and won the LA Press Club Golden Mike for Best Editing. The documentary went on to win a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award. I have 6 regional Emmys for editing and producing. I enjoy taking pictures, sound and thoughts and fitting them all together like a puzzle. The puzzle pieces can go together in many different ways, but there is one magic combination that makes it a great piece in the end. Finding that is the joy and challenge of editing, because an editor is always working with different strengths and talents of reporters, writers and photogaphers, but never the same combination of people.

My video production company is Sutton Bay Media and I’ve produced videos for artists, fundraising videos and Public Service Announcements for nonprofits and associations and product launches for small businesses. Oh, and I produced 2 big videos and a commercial for my church! So I know what good a video can do for a nonprofit organization. My aim now is to help those organizations to help themselves … gathering old video and stills, shooting interviews and putting together a video piece that will raise money and pride.