What do you want to do with your editing? String home videos together? Edit a touching family tribute for an anniversary? That’s how you decide what type of software you want to buy. If you purchase expensive video editing software like Avid, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro you may just get frustrated and stop trying to learn. If you are serious about learning, the best way would be to invest in one of these companies lower-end software packages like the Adobe Premiere Elements below. That way you get a good taste of their overall editing style without committing yourself to the $700 – $1500 price tag for their full blown packages. Often you don’t need all the bells and whistles anyway. Pinnacle’s $150 video editing software has all the effects with an extreme ease of use, and you would learn editing along the way.

My video editing software favorite is Adobe Premiere Pro although if I had a Mac I would use Final Cut Pro. Both are flexible, relatively easy to use in the professional version and most importantly, make sense. No hate email please, but I am very proficient with AVID in several versions and it never makes sense. I continue to make the same mistakes over and over. At a television station I recently worked at, one of the editor added a keyboard key to the top of his keyboard that said, “Damn It!” AVID is a must for huge movie projects for professionals, and I suppose it is more stable a platform, although many may dispute that as well. But it doesn’t make sense, all the steps are difficult and don’t listen to what the videophiles say, it isn’t the must have editing software. It’s too complicated.
Another reason Adobe is good is because so many people use Photoshop and After Effects (which by the way, great AVID editors use for their effects). Once you are used to Photoshop and other Adobe products, you will already be familiar with the way Adobe Premiere Elements or Pro looks and feels.