Eventually, this website will have a forum, so you can post questions, comments, video clips and ideas. But for now I’ve created a blog for communication at www.edityourhomemovies.blogspot.com . Feel free to ask questions about format, computer hook ups, etc in any of the comment links on that blog.

How to contact Edit Home Video

Or you can email me here at info@edithomevideo.com .

I’d love to hear from you and I’ll be glad to answer as many questions as I can. I know everyone has different equipment, formats, camcorders and computers so it’s very confusing trying to make it all work together.

If I can’t answer something I am sure I can get the answer from my television colleagues. Also send links to your video websites or blogs and I’ll include them here. Eventually we’ll have a page where we can display your edited samples. If you want to send your projects to me now, you can use Dropload, www.dropload.com . It’s a great free service and can take up to 100MB.

I would love to help church members and nonprofit organizations learn to use video to promote and fundraise, so send those questions along as well. If your organization has still pictures, video of your last picnic or awards banquet, vacation bible school or confirmation video, you’ve got enough to make a nice little promotional tape that is so useful for fundraising. And what a hero you will be when your other members watch and applaud your handy video work!

Good luck with your video projects and don’t give up! There is most definitely a learning curve but just read each section carefully and it will begin to make sense and become second nature. THEN you can concentrate on creating your video and not fumbling for each keystroke.

Nancy Sutton-Smith Sutton Bay Media Company www.suttonbaymedia.com

Examples of movies with great editing:

Academy Awards® Best Film Editing

2005 Crash
1977 Star Wars
1964 Mary Poppins
1963 How the West Was Won
1960 The Apartment (my favorite!)
1959 Ben-Hur
1955 Picnic